About Us

Our company was incorporated with the objective of rendering the best language services for our customers from all over the world and eliminating the language barrier. As a family of individuals who dedicated themselves to becoming leading global communication provider, our company strives to exceed customers’ expectations without sacrificing the service quality. Their vision is integrating their specializations with state-of-the-art technology, offering customized language solutions for special requirements of customers and optimizing efficiency and productivity in everything they do.

Who Are We?

Our strength is based upon the value we attach to all of our employees and individual customers. Their professional and ambitious approaches is one of the most important elements of our company’s intention to become a leading global communication provider. Moreover, the fact that such individuals work together like a family and they support one another is one of our corporate culture’s strongest aspects. We have a common goal to fulfill tasks assigned to us in the best way possible and we work together to render a service of the highest quality for our customers.


Our company was incorporated in 1991, Istanbul. Ever since its incorporation, our company constantly improved itself and never lost its excitement and continued to grow. Our company is ready to serve our valued customers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Turkey, and, starting from 2022, our valued customers in UK. This creates a great excitement for our entire team.

Our company with 200 permanent translators and over 1000 freelance translators which renders world-class translation service offers translation, software and website localization, consecutive interpretation and simultaneous translation, transcription and desktop publishing services in 120 languages.We are especially experienced in legal, financial, technical, medical translations and medical device translations, and we have been confidently providing services such as sworn translation, notary and apostille approval services to our customers for years. Being Turkey’s first ever translation agency with ISO 9001: 2000 certification, Eylül Çeviri stays on top of technologic innovations in world standards at every stage of the production process.